Why Workplace Safety Is Important

It should go without saying that all organizations have a moral obligation to ensure they are providing their staff with safe and secure work conditions. Without proper safety measures in place, on-the-job injuries, accidents or even fatalities are possible. Employees are also less likely to be productive or stay within their organizations if they feel that their workplace is unsafe.

In the wake of COVID-19, companies across the globe have seen an increased demand for safety across all workforces. As such, a focus on workplace safety has perhaps never been more critical.

Here are some of the key reasons why workplace health and safety is important, as well as what managers can do to ensure they are undergoing all appropriate measures to keep their employees safe — whether it’s in the office, on-site or from behind the computer screen.

Better Morale and Productivity

It should come as no surprise that the safer the work environment, the more productive its staff will be. Productive employees are the biggest asset to the continuity of a successful company — and when they are working within a safe environment, they will do so more efficiently. When employees feel safe and like they are being looked after, they’ll also be more likely to enjoy their job and therefore put more enthusiasm into their day-to-day responsibilities.

Workplace safety also helps develop loyalty and trust between managers and employees. When employees feel that their managers care about their safety, they’ll be more likely to stay within their organization and employee turnover will see a much lower rate.

Reduced Likelihood of Injury or Illness

Studies conducted last year have shown that higher injury rates have been reported in Canadian workplaces within the last two years. In most cases, workplace injuries (and even deaths) can occur when there is a lack of proper safety protocols put in place.

To reduce the overall likelihood of injury, illness or even death in the workplace, workers should always be informed about what to do in the case of an accident or emergency. This includes extensive training for all hazardous equipment, knowing where to access fire-fighting equipment, being aware of all on-site exits, knowing where to assemble for headcount in the case of an emergency and — in recent days — knowing when to work from home when it is both possible and necessary.

Reduced Absenteeism

Each year, organizations can see up to millions of dollars in financial losses due to employee absenteeism. Employees that are injured, sick or who have suffered an accident will end up missing work — and as a result, they will be unable to contribute towards their company’s continued success.

Organizations that prioritize workplace safety and implement proper workplace safety training measures will be more likely to see better employee attendance, as well as reduce the number of work-related accidents, injuries or illnesses.

Better Company Branding

Workplace safety doesn’t just impact the people within an organization — it also affects how prospective employees or clients are likely to view an establishment. If a business doesn’t have a reputation for providing its staff with safe and ethical treatment, this can be seen as a greater reflection of its competence.

Companies that are unable to follow government safety directives may face shutdowns due to safety breaches. And in today’s digital world, sites like Glassdoor and Indeed provide ample opportunity for former employees to disclose feedback about a company’s unsafe conditions.

No one wants to associate with a company that cannot demonstrate a commitment to employee safety. As such, organizations that undergo proper workplace safety training for the benefit of its employees will also aid in its overall marketing initiatives.

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