Therapeutic Massage


Therapeutic Massage At Total Health & Sports Performance, our massage therapists provide various types of massage that helps relieve pain, reduce stress, and/or work on a specific medical issue. How Is a Therapeutic Massage Different from a Relaxation Massage? Therapeutic massage can feel stimulating [...]

Chiropractic Care


Chiropractic Care At Total Health & Sports Performance, our chiropractors specialize in the musculoskeletal and nervous system with a focus on posture and spine care. They have a broad range of diagnostic skills and are trained to recommend therapeutic and rehabilitative exercises, as well as to provide [...]

Physiotherapy Care


Physiotherapy Care At Total Health & Sports Performance, our on-site programs not only provide treatment -- they are also aimed at educating and reinforcing self-management to minimize any dependence on care. Suffering from a muscular injury or want to train for an upcoming sports competition? Regular [...]

Ergonomic Analysis


Ergonomic Analysis Our ergonomist’s role is to study all aspects of the working situation and to fit the job to the human’s attributes. Our ergonomist works with designers and engineers to help find the best product or service that will be able to be used comfortably, [...]

Chiropodic Care


Chiropodic Care Our chiropodists, have experience in diagnosis, treatments, and prevention of foot diseases and disorders. They have experience in both biomechanical and gait analysis as well as prescribing orthotics. Contact Us: 905-487-4488 GENERAL ENQURIES Brampton West 9455 Mississauga Rd, Brampton, [...]



Acupuncture At Total Health & Sports Performance, our acupuncture procedures provide customized treatments to employees, which result in improved moods and increased energy. This leads to a rise in overall productivity with specific positive impact on collaboration, creativity and quality of output. Acupuncture for Treatment [...]

Nutritional Counselling


Nutritional Counselling At Total Health & Sports Performance, our registered dietitians facilitate customized nutrition counselling sessions for employees. Making the right dietary choices can help accelerate healing and recovery from chronic aches and pains. Lack of nutrition or poor dietary choices often result in ill-health and make [...]