How to Choose the Right Physiotherapist For You

Perhaps your doctor has recently recommended physiotherapy to help combat your condition or pain. Or maybe you have had nagging knee pain, a sports injury, or back pain for quite some time. You’re thinking a physiotherapist might be exactly what you need. 

So, now you’re on the hunt to find the right physiotherapist for you. How can you do that? 

Getting Started… 

While you won’t truly know if you’re the right match until you meet your therapist, there are various ways you can narrow down your search. 

Start by looking up clinics in your local area. A quick Google search will often suffice. You’ll want to ensure the clinic’s mission or brand stands behind what you need. They should emphasize customer service and be solution-oriented. Once you find a clinic nearby, the next step is determining if the physiotherapist is specialized in your specific injury or condition. 

Physiotherapists treat all kinds of conditions including sports injuries, chronic pain, arthritis, concussions, and more. If you can’t find this information out on their website, give the clinic a quick call or shoot them an email. If you can get someone who has dealt with your condition previously or has specialized in treating your pain, your treatment will likely go much smoother. 

Always ensure the physiotherapist is registered. Usually, individual clinics will have this on their website. You should also be able to view their qualifications displayed in-clinic. 

Sometimes, it may also be best to ask your friends or family what physiotherapist they see. If they like their physio, you’ll likely get along too! 

What Qualities Make a Good Physiotherapist? 

You’ve settled on a clinic and physiotherapist… now what? At this stage in the game, you will be attending your initial assessment appointment where you get to meet your therapist in person. 

A good physiotherapist will often have the following qualities or traits: 

  1. They are patient and sensitive to your complaints. 2. They communicate what they are doing and why, explaining your treatment every step of the way. 3. They are organized and on-time. 
  2. They are encouraging and empathetic. 5. They genuinely appear to want to help solve your problem. 6. They are positive. 7. They listen to what you have to say and aim to understand. 

Usually, you will be able to notice these qualities within your first initial assessment appointment. It’s important that you feel comfortable and cared for, especially when you’re in pain. The right physiotherapist will make you feel at ease and address any concerns you have. They will thoroughly explain your assessment, testing, and treatment during each phase. 

Further, the clinic environment itself should offer comfort. Evaluate the space when you arrive. Do you have the privacy you need? Do you feel like you can thrive here? 

Where Can I Find a Physiotherapist? 

When you’re in pain, you need a compassionate and caring team that takes the time to truly find a solution suited to you. At Total Health and Sports Performance, our team offers just that. We always put our patients first and aim to find the best solution to your pain. Our team provides physiotherapy, chiropractics, massage therapy, acupuncture, custom orthotics, and more. Ultimately, our goal is to help you feel better as soon and as safely as possible. 

If you reside in Brampton, Ontario, contact Total Health and Sports Performance today. Discover how we can help you get back to optimal health — without pain standing in your way.